About us

Who are we?

Work Centre was born in the early 2000s with the opening, in different types of businesses, of a specialized section for workers. Initially present in convenience stores and hardware stores, Work Centre brand quickly expanded. Twenty-four years later, there are more than 40 Work Centre retailers throughout Quebec.

Our mission

At Work Centre , we know that choosing work equipment is not an easy task. We analyze the needs of each of our customers to ensure that the models chosen correspond to the requirements and safety standards of their use. Our experts are here to guide you through our wide selection of products so you make the right choice for you and the job you do.

Our vision

The entire Work Centre team is convinced that the days of clothes worn to get dirty at work are over! We believe that it is possible to combine fashion and efficiency, in order to bring a touch of style to the clothes and shoes appropriate to the rigor of the profession you exercise. We offer our customers reliable and comfortable products that will support them throughout their working day.

What we stand for

The Work Centre brand is based on the values of cooperation, respect and innovation. Teamwork is at the heart of our identity, which is why we are working hard to expand our network to strengthen the offers available to our retailers.